Who’s Getting Married Next Month in Colorado?

Most readers of our site demand the juiciest of Hollywood gossip, so The Celebrity News Detail always does it’s best to never disappoint!

Hollywood celebrities have a fine line to walk in their lives of stardom.

When their romantic interests reach a frenetic culmination and they decide they must get married, how do they plan and conduct a wedding in a manner that can provide them with the opulence they seek and demand, along with the privacy and security that they must have to maintain a certain degree of decorum with the press and their fans?

Colorado’s Premier Wedding Resort

Lower Lake Ranch is world renowned as one of the most beautiful places on Earth to get married.

Yes, it is a full hotel resort and within reasonable driving distance to Denver but its location among the foothills of the mountains is nothing less than breathtaking! Anyone seeking a premier, rustic, ranch wedding could find no better place.

Because our site uses reporters that have been known to infiltrate deep into Hollywood royalty posing as personal assistants, production assistants and even maids and butlers, we get the goods on everybody.

Even their wedding plans.

Lower Lake Ranch was chosen by our celebrity person of interest because Lower Lake Ranch knows how to keep a secret about their guests who want privacy.

From within the haunts of Hollywood’s elite, there is no such hiding from the ever inquisitive and undercover investigations our site is famous for.

Preserving the undercover status of our operatives is paramount, and while we cannot tell you exactly who the happy couple-to-be are, we can provide you with some hints.

Our Reporters Are Everywhere

Keeping our site out in front of all the competition in the digital realm means we need to send our people to all the Hollywood hot spots.

We also need to spend time at the biggest sporting events and spend time with the biggest managers and brokers to make sure we always get the skinny.

This is how we learned about the happy couple-to-be who have made their plans to wed at the Lower Lake Ranch. You see, the bride-to-be is a lovely and talented actress with two movies under her belt and a TV series premiering this w-have-

The budding groom is a young and talented sports legend. This is the stuff that romance is made of, and the kinds of things people who visit our site really want to know about.

A Private Wedding

There will be no reporters at the wedding of this celebrity couple.

They do have plans to perform their own private production documenting the event and have further promised to release certain specific portions to the media following the event.

You can rest assured that The Celebrity News Detail will carry this gossip on our site as soon as it becomes available, so stay tuned!